Beekeeping 101- Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beekeeping?


  1. the occupation of owning and breeding bees for their honey.
noun: apiculture
  1. technical term for beekeeping.

Is beekeeping really hard?

Beekeeping is not hard at all, in fact anyone can do it!  Keeping bees is a traditional practice that has been going on for centuries.  Getting a hive is the hardest part, once you are set up, the bees do all the work!


Where do I get the bees?

A nuc is a small honey bee colony, created from a larger colony.  It includes a mated queen and a few thousand worker bees.  Once the nuc is placed in your brood box, the queen will begin laying eggs, and the colony exponentially increases from there!


How does the Queen stay in the bottom box?

The bottom box, or the brood, is separated from the upper honey super by a screen called a queen excluder.  The spaces in the screen are large enough only for the worker bees to pass. The Queen, who is at least twice the size, is unable to pass through.  This will keep the honey super free of brood.


How Much Honey will I get?

A deep frame fully capped will typically yield 8-10lbs of honey. A full deep honey super will yield roughly 80-100 lbs of honey in the most favourable conditions. The exact amount of honey is impossible to predict because every year is unique with its own challenges and weather, impacting the yearly honey production.


Why does your store front say "The Crappie Store"?  Where is BLB Honey?

BLB Honey Storefront

The red building on the left is the future BLB Honey storefront, and is currently undergoing renovations. 

**You will find our BLB Honey & Beekeeping Supplies store inside "The Crappie Store".


Separate BLB Store coming soon!

Future BLB Honey & Beekeeping Supplies storefront.


In September of 2016, we purchased a historical, commercial property in our home town of Dresden, Ontario.  This property has been in business for the last 100 years. A full acre in size, our location has multiple businesses operating daily. 

Please see the picture below for a "map" of our corner of Dresden.