We Collect Swarms at BLB Honey!

Is this something you have seen before? If so, you have indeed found a swarm of honey bees!

There is no need to fear this ball of bees.  At the centre of the cluster will be the Queen.  She is being protected by her colony as she sends "scouts" on the hunt for the new home.  Once a new location is determined the massive cloud of bees will fly together to the new hive.
Although you may encounter many bees flying around in the vicinity of the swarm, and hear quite a loud buzzing, the bees are actually in their most docile state when they are in swarm mode.  Risk of stings is very low when bees are in swarm mode.
If you find a swarm please call BLB Honey immediately!
If we cannot come to collect them, we have a list of people on hand who will!

Swarm Collection Fee:

Free  ***We keep the bees.


Cut-Out Fee:

$50/per hour  ***We keep the bees.

Home-owner incurs cost of repair to area.