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Workshop- How To Install a Nuc

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SAFETY WARNING:  Our workshops are held in the bee yard with live bees.  There is ALWAYS a risk of getting a sting when we are working in the hives.  Participation in our workshops is AT YOUR OWN RISK and participants are required to bring any EPIPEN(S) or medication(s) needed in the event of a sting.  BLB Honey is not authorized to provide EPIPENS, they must be prescribed by your physician911 will be called in the event of a severe allergic reaction. 

DATE: Sunday May 27th from 12:00pm-1:30pm

PRICE: $35.00 per Adult, Youth 17yrs & younger FREE with Adult. 

LOCATION: BLB Honey Bee Yard behind the store,

102 Metcalfe Ave., Dresden, ON.


*Bring your own PROTECTIVE CLOTHING (Veil, Gloves, Bee Suit/Jacket)

 Join us in the BLB Honey Bee Yard where we will discuss and demonstrate how to install a nucleus colony (4 frame starter colony).

Topics will include: Transporting your Bees, Transferring Nuc Frames into 10 Frame hives, Finding your Queen/Signs of healthy Queen, Feeding & Caring for your nuc, Medications for Spring pest management. 

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