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BLB Honey Mason Jar Honey Super Kit

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Manufactured by BLB Honey. A must have for any beekeeper! Honey un-touched by human hands! Use this fantastic kit on your hive to produce the most natural comb honey.  By melting a drop or two of beeswax to the bottom of each mason jar, it doesn't take long for the bees to get to work building comb and packing it with nectar. For thriving hives in need of a honey super for best results.  Harvest honey by unscrewing the mason jar from the frames. Shake bees out, or use a bee escape to remove bees from mason jars. 

Kit Includes: 

1 Assembled Medium Hive Body

1 BLB Honey Mason Jar Super Frame w/ 12 Rings

12 Pack of 500ml Mason Jars

1 oz Beeswax Bar

-Accommodates 500 ml mason jars

-Fully assembled and crafted in Canada

-For use during heavy nectar flow in the summer season

-Doubles as an observation hive when checking progress

-Place Mason Jar Frame w/ rings over full honey super/queen excluder with jars open end facing down.  Place medium hive body on top of frame so it surrounds your jars. Put your inner cover/hive cover back on top.  Remove hive body to view honeybees at work inside the jars.



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