Corporate Hive Management

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Are you a business owner, or employed by a company that would be interested in hosting hives on-site? BLB Honey is here to help! We offer hive management services for those who are looking to add a little sweetness to their business.  Honeybees are of great interest to many people, and can add a very interesting feature to a broad range of industries. The added benefit is sharing the delicious pure honey with your staff, stakeholders, and customers!  Typically, hives are purchased and installed on the property, we manage the bees and harvest the honey for you.  Additional options include bee yard tours and educational sessions upon request. Throughout the season we create online content for your social media pages to showcase your bees to your audience. 

Learn about our partnership with Enbridge at Sarnia Solar Farm.   Ecosystem Restoration Project is the Bee's Knees for 400, 000 Hungry Pollinators