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 BLB Honey & Beekeeping Supplies

Proud to be your ONLY location in SWO offering an extensive range of beekeeping equipment in stock all year round!

Welcome to BLB Honey & Beekeeping Supplies, Southern Ontario's Premier Bee Supply Store.   

Our goal is to help beginner and commercial beekeepers access equipment and supplies for every season of beekeeping. BLB Honey is a locally owned, mom & pop shop priding ourselves on excellent customer service.  

We feature non-pasteurized, locally harvested honey, and pure hand-filtered beeswax products direct from our hives here in Dresden, Ontario.

Other products and services include: Educational Workshops, Crop Pollination, Swarm Collection, and Honey Extraction.

Shopping available online, and at our NEW retail store: 102 Metcalfe Ave., Dresden, ON


Our journey as beekeepers began in 2012 when a honeybee colony moved into the wall of our home.  This introduced us to the world of beekeeping and we haven't looked back since.  You know how that story hive becomes two, then four, and so on.

The name "Bria  Lee's Bees", aka BLB Honey came from my husband in the bee yard one day casually mentioning since he didn't have a yacht to name after me, he was going to name the bees after me. The rest is history!

BLB Beekeepers

Our home apiary became a full fledged beekeeping supply store when we incorporated in 2016 and moved BLB Honey to our new retail location in Dresden, ON.

This will be the future home of BLB Honey. Currently this building is being renovated and we have all of our stock inside our neighboring store, The Crappie Store.

                        Summer 2017


Inside The Crappie Store is where you will find all of our BLB Honey supplies and equipment. 


Summer 2017


In September of 2016, we purchased a historical commercial property in Dresden, Ontario.  Since 1918, this location has been operating as Clark's Fuel & Supply.  The property is an acre in size, and is situated on the banks of the Sydenham River.  Our plans include developing the entire property and bringing two beautifully renovated store fronts to our customers.

                     September 2016


Thank you for visiting our site, we can't wait to see you at the new store. 

Located at 102 Metcalfe St. W, Dresden, ON, N0P 1M0