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Queen Cells - Pick Up by Appointment

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Queen cells are available beginning in May/June 2024...continue to check back here for availability.

*Queen rearing is ongoing and availability changes week to week.  Upon placing your order you will be contacted by BLB Honey to confirm the date and time of your pick up.  We strive to have your pickup as close to order date as possible, within 3-7 days. Thank you. 

BLB Honey Queen Cells are a great economical option for replacing your queens. Queen cells are also a great option to save a queen-less hive, or to create nucs from your strong hives.  Place queen cell in brood frames with lots of nurse bees to care for and keep the cell warm until hatching. 

Place 2 queen cells per hive for extra assurance that your chances are great for a queen to hatch and return from nuptial flight. 


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