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NUC - For Pick Up in July 9th

Regular price $265.00

Payment by Email Money Transfer ( or Cash is preferred if possible- Please call (519 683 4363) or email us and we can complete your payment and issue your receipt directly. Thank you!


Do not choose the bulk price option unless you are purchasing 10 or more hives/nucs. 


BLB Honey Store: 102 Metcalfe Ave., Dresden, ON, N0P 1M0 

***Pick ups are scheduled in the evenings from 8:00pm-9:00pm Daytime pickups only if weather is raining and bees aren't flying. 

**Pick up date is to be determined per order**


4 Frame Starter Colony in a Wellington nuc box complete with mated Queen, Worker Bees, frames of brood and frames of honey.  Install these frames into waiting 10 frame equipment where they will continue to expand into a full hive. Strong, High Quality, & Healthy is what to expect from our BLB Honey Queens and Nucs. 

**All Livestock Sales are FINAL, No Refunds


**The greatest risk to your bees during transport is over-heating. A Nuc that is closed in for too long with no ventilation can heat up and collapse within minutes. 

-We are not responsible for bees that get over heated once they leave our care. 

-All bees sold are in need of larger living quarters right away. Nucs will need to be installed into waiting 10 frame equipment immediately- DO NOT leave bees in Nuc box as they need space to grow. 

-Bring your protective clothing, or arrive early to purchase it from our store.

-The optimum transport is the back of a pickup truck/utility trailer. The bees can be restricted for car transport (at your own risk).  We strongly suggest not driving with live bees inside your vehicle, especially with new beekeepers who are not comfortable with bees yet.  For your safety, and other drivers safety please transport with pick up truck or trailer.                                               

-Ratchet tie down straps are needed to secure bees in your vehicle.       

-For car transport you must  bring a sheet or netting to cover the bees.   

-We recommend feeding Nucs, especially if they are being installed on un-drawn foundation.  Pollen pattie(s) and Sugar Syrup is strongly suggested.

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