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Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure

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A Swarm Lure That Works

Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lures are your solution to capturing feral honeybee swarms. Our Swarm Lure is synthesized by using compounds found in “Nasanov” which is a pheromone used when calling honeybees to their new home. Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure is considered “Nature Identical” and will give you the edge when you bait your swarm traps.

Each Swarm Commander Swarm Lure contains a scent (pheromone) which insects use to communicate. Our swarm lure duplicates the scent that scout bees release when they find a good home for their swarm. There is enough swarm lure to last about three months and the special plastic container releases just the right amount. Swarm Commander Swarm lure formula is made up of the components…proven most effective by USDA research.

Swarm Commander comes in various sizes including a 2oz Spray Bottle. 1ML Vials and .5ML Vials.


How Our Swarm Lure Works

Swarm Commanders is a blend of pheromones that attract the swarm of honey bees and entices the scout bees to declare the swarm trap a suitable new home. For best results, use 2 vials per trap or hive.

Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure helps you capture swarms from your own hives and helps you reduce the loss of your own of honey bees.  You can also add to your apiary and honey yield by capturing stray swarms from other hives in the area. This is a strong pheromone lure to attract a swarm of honey bees. The swarm lure combines over components plus natural substances found within the hive. Try our swarm attractant yourself and see just how effective they really are.

The swarm lure comes in various sizes. 0.5ML Vials, 1 ML Vials and 2Oz Spray bottle.  Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lures have been used by many beekeepers who have successfully caught swarms of honey bees and these are the swarm lures we use ourselves.

Our Swarm Lures will not encourage swarms to be issued from beehives. Swarm Commander Premium Swarm lure will not “collect” worker bees and create a colony. Our Swarm Lure will not guarantee a swarm will be captured. A Swarm Lure will give you an advantage in helping the swarm consider your trap. Swarm Commander Swarm Lures are designed  to last all season. Unused lures can be stored (* NOT in the freezer) for 12 month without losing their effectiveness. Store in a temperature controlled environment

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