Wellington Hive Wrap - Double
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Wellington Hive Wrap - Double

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These wraps are made of 4mm black polypropylene (corrugated plastic) with 5% U.V. protection. Polypropylene Copolymer is used for indoor and outdoor signs and packaging. They are lightweight and are designed to fold and store flat. Folds have a living hinge of 21,000 cycles. They have one heat welded seam. They have four, 10” flaps on the top. 

You will need to make a 3/4” to 1” wide, top entrance hole with a punch, hole saw, or blade knife to exhaust moisture created by the bees. Put this hole at the centre front of the hive, just below the upper lid. There is room in the front of the hive for bees to crawl around before leaving the wrap. The wraps have room for about 1.5” of insulation above the inside lid of the hive. Put a large stone or brick over the top lid. We leave the wraps on the hives until late in April. They can be removed earlier in the spring to check on the colony. As the sun heats up the black wrap the queen starts laying earlier.

 Wrap Dimensions:

1 HIVE SINGLE 21.25” X 17.25” X 11.75”

1 HIVE, 1½ STORY 17” X 21” X 19”

1 HIVE DOUBLE 21.25” X 17.25” X 11.75”

*Shipping is not available for Wellington Wraps.

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